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Collection Pearl with Madeleine Rose

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A revolutionary process through a technological innovation that preserves durability and authentic freshness: these are the secrets of a new concept of flower, the Preserved Rose.
A unique and universal beauty, combined with a soft and delicate texture, make this rose the new protagonist of your more exclusive and unforgettable moments.

Symbology and numerology

Secret love, passion but also friendship and respect: the choice of the perfect rose, with the right shade depending on the occasion, is a fundamental moment to obtain a pertinent gift, exclusive and full of meaning.
The Rose in the universal sense indicates Love and its numerology refers to a deeper meaning:
  • 7 roses: the will to remain forever bound

Safety and environment

The slow and complex process of floral preservation, aimed at the conservancy of the organoleptic properties of the roses, begins with the choice of the right terrain through the research for special plot of land, and with the protection of the flowers in specific controlled greenhouses.
Roses are cultivated in very specific climatic and nutritional conditions, always maintaining a high standard of quality and shape.

Social Responsability

The South American “Fazendas”, most importantly curating the social sphere, offer an important opportunity for many orphaned children, guaranteeing them a good education and teaching them to be respectful of the environment. Most part of the income of the floral exports of the farms allows the organization of charity events aimed at the creation of schools, canteens and libraries for the less affluent populations.
All our products have a Social Responsibility certificate. In fact, our productions respect the high international standards of Social and Environmental Responsibility, in line with the sustainable profile of the company.

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