About Us

NIAZZO.com is a best in class retail destination for both 'his' and 'her' affordable high-end luxury fashion wear. Whilst the experience of physically visiting outlets and stores for both the Customer and the Retailer, is unique and cannot be replicated online so far, NIAZZO now adds further value to both the Retailer and her Customer, by offering the same in-Store top end fashion brands seamlessly also online.

NIAZZO is the result of extensive research into the Omni-Channel Retail concept. NIAZZO is the result of an investment in a concept that leverages a best-in-breed software-as-a-service solution. Our business offering is uniquely crafted as a Managed Service, giving the opportunity of being part of the platform to both boutique and larger outlets, without the need to actually invest in their own solution. NIAZZO provides the online shopper with the opportunity to enjoy the real store and window shopping experience, and then buy online at their convenience. NIAZZO gives its on-boarded Retailers the opportunity to display both in-store and online, all their products, descriptions, and information, serving as a quick reference also to their shop assistants both in terms of product information, prices, offers and stock quantity availability. NIAZZO is adding the Omni-Channel Retail dimension to Shops and Stores in Malta and worldwide.